HQM Pharma registering servicesIraqi law states that no foreign manufacturer can register with the Ministry of Health in Iraq unless they have an Iraqi agent that will represent them. This agent must also be registered with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Trade as well as the local chamber of commerce whilst also holding a valid scientific bureau that must be registered with the Ministry of Health. To register a company in Iraq, there are a lot of forms that would need to be filled, evidence of the company’s manufacturing facilities amongst as well as undergoing the long and arduous task of contacting and working with the different offices and ministries to obtain valid licences.

Once a manufacturer has been registered each product would then need to be registered before it can be sold in Iraq. This process can be quite complicated where each product must pass certain tests and inspections before it can be approved to be sold.

HQM PHARMA has offices in both the UK and Iraq which makes this process a lot easier, with speakers in both English and the Arabic tongue to help expedite matters more effectively.

HQM Pharma has staff that is versed in all of the processes that are involved and can deal with these procedures with ease, ensuring your company has no need to worry.

Once the registering of your company and products have been completed, we then have the freedom to market your Brand in the whole of Iraq which also includes the Kurdistan region giving you complete market coverage.

Also once licenses have been granted for your products, they then become protected from counterfeit products and from other companies using your brand unofficially.

The registration of new companies in Iraq can only be accomplished by using an agent that is registered with the above agencies and who can understand the bureaucracy that is involved in the process.

To enter other parts of the Middle Eastern market involves a procedure quite similar to entering the Iraqi market; HQM PHARMA has extensive contacts throughout the Middle Eastern area that can help you achieve this.