HQM Pharma distribution servicesHQM PHARMA holds a wholesaler dealers license of medicines (WDA) which is authorised by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), HQM PHARMA is also GDP compliant so you can place your trust in HQM PHARMA that your products will arrive at the intended destination without being compromised.

With this in mind HQM PHARMA controls all of the logistics and distribution of your products from your warehouse in the UK/Europe all the way through to their final destination throughout the Middle East.

HQM PHARMA understands that pharmaceutical and healthcare products are susceptible to many factors that can harm the products, with that in mind our distribution follows all relevant operational policies that ensure that the integrity of your products is always preserved.

To ensure efficient distribution in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, HQM Pharma has warehouse in Erbil, Kurdistan Region with a large network of distribution vehicles to allow effective and efficient distribution in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

We understand that the temperature in Kurdistan Region and Iraq can reach up to 50C, that is why we use temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure the medicine integrity is maintained throughout the distribution process.

HQM PHARMA works alongside many large distributors, government hospitals and local pharmacies in Kurdistan Region and Iraq as well as having connections with many other customers throughout the region.