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HQM PHARMA Pharmaceutical services tailored for suppliers in the UK and Europe

We are a pharmaceutical wholesale company that provides registration, marketing, distribution and logistical services for UK and Europe pharmaceutical and health care brands that would like to export their products and brand to Kurdistan Region and Iraq, the Middle East and worldwide. We have offices in the UK as well as Kurdistan Region and Iraq that will work with pharmaceutical companies to register and sell their products in the Middle East.

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

We are a wholesale company offering services to pharmaceutical and healthcare distributors, Pharmacies and Hospitals across the UK, Kurdistan Region and Iraq the Middle East.

Registering Pharmaceutical products in the MENA region

Our staff is versed in all of the processes that are involved in registering the products in MENA region and can deal with all procedures with ease, ensuring your company has nothing to worry about.

Distribution & Logistical services in the MENA region

HQM PHARMA controls all of the logistics and distribution of your products from your warehouse in the UK/Europe all the way through to their final destination

Marketing & Promotion of Pharmaceuticals throughout MENA region

HQM PHARMA provides entrance into Kurdistan Region and Iraq, The middle East pharmaceutical market for new UK/Europe brands, by helping to develop brand awareness, providing and adapting business strategies for UK/Europe Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies.
Our services for distributors and pharmaceuticals companies in the Middle East

HQM PHARMA provide a whole variety of services for distributors that are looking to import pharmaceutical and healthcare products from the UK/Europe.

HQM Pharma supply success stories

British and European pharmaceutical and healthcare products are in high demand in the Middle Eastern market, with this in mind HQM PHARMA is here to help manufacturers and distributors that have no time discover these opportunities, HQM PHARMA is very experienced in bringing companies together to market, distribute and sell your products in a way that benefits everybody.


HQM PHARMA is experienced in helping companies create their own brands in the UK, we can aid in manufacturing from a British GMP approved manufacturer and assist you in creating a marketing campaign for the UK.

HQM PHARMA is only partnered with GMP sites that are fully accredited, we can also help with the regulatory requirements to bring your brand to the UK market.


HQM PHARMA can provide analysis for pharmaceutical and food supplement products in a GMP compliant laboratory which meet the requirements of regulatory authorities internationally. Tests are completed to help with batch release for the UK or stability testing.


GS1 barcodes ensure that you are compliant with the EU directive; the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) that mandates that a unique identifier must be used to identify medicines throughout the supply chain which will be enforced by 2019. Also this identification system will allow you to check stock more easily and will save time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

HQM PHARMA is happy to assist in obtaining a UK specific barcode for your products, the barcodes can then be used for pharmaceutical and food supplements that are intended for healthcare purposes.


Latest news on HQM Pharma and the industry.
+ HQM PHARMA now a member of the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce.

HQM Pharma a new member of the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

HQM PHARMA is proud to announce that we are now a member of the Staffordshire...
March 27, 2017