HQM Pharma Generic pharmaceutical companiesBritish and European pharmaceutical and healthcare products are in high demand in the Middle Eastern market, with this in mind HQM PHARMA is here to help manufacturers and distributors that have no time to discover these opportunities, HQM PHARMA is very experienced in bringing companies together to market, distribute and sell your products in a way that benefits everybody.

We begin by firstly meeting suppliers and explain all of the possibilities that can be found in the Middle East Markets, we break down the requirements needed to enter these markets and develop a strategy to launch their brand in a specified market.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide support and make sure all requirements are met.

To register in different markets you have to deal with the Ministry of Health in each individual market and this can be a time consuming process, HQM PHARMA however understands this process very well and can act on your behalf to expedite this process much faster and insure you have all the needed documentation to complete registration with minimal fuss.

HQM PHARMA will the begin to meet with our distributors and partners in the Middle East looking to find the best match for your company’s needs, we look at who has the experience needed to sell your product, who is best suited to achieve sales targets and develop a strategy to help maximise sales and therefore profits. The distributor that meets all the criteria is then awarded the exclusive rights to promote and distribute the product.

HQM PHARMA ensures that all associated parties are held to any and all contractual obligations and we resolve any issues that may arise.

HQM PHARMA has many multi lingual team members that are fluent in Arabic and English helping to make negotiations in the UK/Europe and Middle East simpler and easier.