HQM Pharma marketing servicesHQM PHARMA provides entrance into the Kurdistan Region and Iraq pharmaceutical market for new UK and Europe brands, by helping to develop brand awareness and providing and adapting business strategies for UK/Europe Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies.

HQM PHARMA has a specialised and dedicated team that have extensive knowledge of Kurdistan and Iraqi language, culture and the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical market  with an amazing team of medical sales representatives throughout both region. These sales reps work closely with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals including holding training workshops that introduce them to the latest treatments, brands and many more issues such as the raising the profile of disease areas.

HQM PHARMA has offices here in the UK as well as Kurdistan Region and Iraq that work in conjunction to develop the best strategies for each individual Brand/product.

HQM PHARMA understands that to sell your product we first have to know who we are promoting to, so we work very closely with Doctors, Drug Stores Pharmacies and many other Healthcare professionals to discover who we are targeting, so each campaign is individualized to each specific product/brand.