About Us


Experts in procurement and distribution of medicine worldwide

HQM PHARMA are a Wholesale Pharmaceutical distributor. 

HQM PHARMA has developed a strategy which can be adapted to different areas of Kurdistan Region and Iraq The Middle East. We begin with registering your company and associated products, then we develop a marketing strategy that will enhance the visibility of your brand, logistics and distribution come next and finally we assess and adapt your products at every stage to insure that your venture undoubtedly succeeds.

MHRA licensed, international pharmaceutical services provider

Reasons to choose HQM PHARMA:

  • We will register your company and any and all products associated.
  • We develop a marketing strategy that will maximise visibility, efficiency and awareness of your brand.
  • HQM PHARMA will handle all aspects of market distribution, from manufacturer to retailer


HQM PHARMA has a dedicated, professional team of hard working people with contacts and partnerships in the UK as well as Kurdistan Region and Iraq, Middle East and worldwide, with outstanding service levels and the flexibility our clients need, ensuring we affiliate with the manufacturers whose products are of the highest quality.

HQM PHARMA aims to become a global pharmaceutical provider and the first choice in both the pharmaceutical industry and the health care sectors.

HQM PHARMA is proud of the values that are instilled in everybody that is employed with us, our staff has great respect for our customers and partners. At HQM PHARMA we use our core values to create relationships that benefit all.

HQM PHARMA stands for excellence, we deliver results throughout every step, and making sure every detail no matter how small is given the same attention, which aids our customers and partners leading to success for all.

Whilst there are other companies that are in this industry, HQM PHARMA is the only one that will aim to exceed all of your set targets.


HQM PHARMA is very proud of the products and services we provide. The respectability and trust we have gained in the UK as well as Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the Middle East for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector are second to none.


HQM PHARMA is committed to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, our staff commits 100% to ensuring that our customers’ needs are met to their satisfaction. This involves listening to our clients and the targets they set, focusing on your products and the best way to develop a plan to promote them.


Integrity should be the strong foundation of any company and here at HQM PHARMA integrity is integral to everything we do. From our staff to customers integrity plays a huge part in who we are not only as a company but also as people. Trust is the most important element in any relationship, so building and maintaining trust is key to our business.


HQM PHARMA has taken British and European brands into new markets, through the hard work of our highly trained staff we cultivate the brands and help them to grow and more importantly flourish.


At HQM PHARMA, innovation lets us enhance our business model to provide the best possible results for our customers and ourselves, this involves adapting to different challenges that can occur and devise results that are cost effective and practical.

HQM Pharma is a trading name of HQM Distribution Limited a UK registered company 09631511. We are authorised and regulated by Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and are in compliance with Good distribution practice (GDP) in line with the Guidelines on good distribution practice (GDP) issued by European Medicines Agency (EMA) EU 2013/C 343/01, last ammended 5 November 2013.

HQM Pharma members of Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

Proud members of Chambers of Commerce.